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Join us at the Symposium about Transhumanism

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Are you curious about the future of artificial intelligence and its impact on humanity? Do you want to engage in thought-provoking discussions about the ethics, rights, and legal implications surrounding AI technology? Then mark your calendars for the upcoming Symposium “New Humanity: Artificial (R)evolution” on May 25, 2023!

Hosted by F.C. Sophia and ERISC (Ethically Responsible Innovation Student Collective), this symposium promises to be a fascinating event that analyzes the profound changes brought about by new technologies with their implications for our future.

The symposium will take place at CC2, starting at 15:00 and concluding at 18:00. Throughout the event, esteemed speakers from diverse fields will share their expertise and insights on various aspects of the influence on society.

We are delighted to present our distinguished lineup of speakers and among them Dr. Sander Keemink – a brain and AI researcher and an Assistant Professor in the Department of AI at Radboud University. In the speech Dr. Keemink will delve into the intricate connections between AI and the human brain, providing an overview of modern AI theories and raising questions about intelligence in relation to humans and technology. This first speech is a chance to understand the similarities between the human brain and the structure of AI. 

The next speaker – dr. Giulio Mecacci – is a philosopher and ethicist of mind and technology, and Assistant Professor in the Department of AI at Radboud University. Dr. Mecacci will address the notion of intelligence and explore the intriguing concept of robot rights, comparing Western and Japanese perspectives. Get ready for an enlightening discussion on the future implications of AI technology. Dr. Mecacci will try to build a bridge between the first and the third speech, showing the broad diversity of philosophy and an possibility of its application in computer science, as well as in law. 

Last but not least prof. Pietro Ortolani is an AI legal expert and Professor in Digital Conflict Resolution at Radboud University. Prof. Ortolani’s expertise lies in analyzing the relationship between law and technology. His lecture will delve into the current EU legislative approach to artificial intelligence in general and examine whether our legal systems are adequately keeping pace with technological advancements.

These renowned speakers will present thought-provoking lectures, each followed by a brief question and answer session, allowing you to engage with the speakers directly.

But that’s not all! The symposium’s second part will feature a 45-minute moderated discussion and Q&A session, providing a unique opportunity for participants to share their thoughts, ask pressing questions, and contribute to the conversation surrounding AI and its impact on our society. Our moderator is experienced and known to the general audience Dorien Wellen.

We invite students, researchers, professionals, and anyone with a keen interest in AI and its societal implications to join us at this stimulating symposium. Expand your knowledge, challenge your perspectives, and engage in meaningful discussions with fellow participants.

After the symposium, we invite you to continue the conversation and network with the speakers and fellow attendees at Cultuurcafé. This is a fantastic opportunity to connect with like-minded individuals who share your passion.

Don’t miss out on this exciting event! Mark your calendars for May 25, 2023, and join us at CC2 from 15:00 to 18:00. We look forward to your presence at the Symposium “New Humanity: Artificial (R)evolution”! You can register right here: https://sites.google.com/view/fcsophia/events/symposium 

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