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Anniversary of Radboud University

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Radboud University (RU) is 95 years old. This means that the RU is celebrating its nineteenth lustrum year, and because of this lustrum activities will be organized for all students and employees of the university. In addition, alumni and inhabitants of Nijmegen and the surrounding area are also welcome. What does the university have in store?

Original text: Elisa Ros Villarte
Translation: Marit de Vries

Music and burning questions
The first lustrum activity is the final round of the Radboud Song Contest on March 15 in the new theater hall C. There the winning Radboud song will be announced, for which students and employees could send in their own songs. On May 24, Radboud Open Air will be organized, where scientists will hold brief lectures about various themes. They will give answers to questions like: Who owns the North Pole when it is melted? The lectures are held on locations across campus, so that a festival atmosphere is created, not unlike Radboud Rocks. That same night Radboud Rocks will be organized, where bands and DJs are to perform. In addition, study associations will compete with each other in a series of challenges during the Grote Studenten Battle (Great Student Battle).

Teachers in class and sports matches
In addition there will be Radboud Kids: Meet the professor on May 31. Ninety-five professors will ride their bikes to primary schools in the Nijmegen area wearing togas, where they will teach school children about their research. Children may ask any questions during these interactive classes. In honor of the university’s ninetieth anniversary a similar day had been organized. The last activity of the academic year 2017-2018 will be Radboud Sports on June 29 at the sports center, with all kinds of activities related to the lustrum year. This battle of the faculties was held for the first time five years ago in honor of the eighteenth lustrum. During this event the faculties of the RU and the Radboudumc battle for the Radboud Cup in categories like volleyball, hockey, tennis, football and basketball. Additionally the second edition of the Sports festival will be held, with workshops, music, and food and drinks.

Closing the Lustrum
During the rest of 2018 there will also be lustrum activities. Alumni can come to Radboud Recharge on October 5 and 6. On the sixth of October the RU will be opened for Radboud Invites when inhabitants from Nijmegen area can take a look behind the scenes in the academic world. They can get an impression of what kind of research is being done and there will be interactive activities for people of all ages. On October 18, the lustrum year will be closed with an academic ceremony during the dies natalis in the Stevenskerk. The dies has been moved from May to October because of the lustrum year. Various speakers will be present, and honorary doctorates and prizes will be awarded.

In general, it is known how the RU wants to celebrate the lustrum year, but even spokesperson Martijn Gerritsen is not yet aware of all the details. The fact that the RU is trying to organize a festive year is nevertheless evident.

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