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ANS eat: MAM – ★★★★★

door Solomiia Yaroshevich

A customary restaurant with a modern twist is tucked away in the Grote Markt. Once you locate the entrance, you can’t help but be intrigued by the restaurant’s ambience. MAM’s minimalist, all-black aesthetic invites you to join in on a tale of expertly prepared Vietnamese street food. 

The busy scene from the entryway’s glass doors is the first thing your eyes are drawn to when you approach the restaurant. The restaurant’s smoky, earthy tones shimmer in the bright lights of the ceiling lamps, echoing the nightlife of Vietnamese street restaurants. The eatery only has inside seating with several big tables and some bar seating to observe the kitchen. MAM opened its doors last November and decided to mark the occasion this anniversary by giving away a delicious batch of complimentary sweet potato fries. Since the restaurant’s owners are two sisters from Vietnam who wanted to highlight the delights and soul of their street food, the place never lacks authenticity or spirit.

Flavourful food

The extensive variety of dishes on MAM’s menu accommodates a wide range of dietary preferences. For a fast lunch, you can pick up some rice vermicelli with tofu, while chicken soup would be the best choice for a larger meal. Several dishes stood out specifically. The beef pho is rich in flavour because of its savoury broth and seasoned meat. The rice bowls are a tried and true classic, with a variety of appetising sides and a fetching appearance. The meals are deliciously tasty and occasionally spicy with their homemade dip and fish sauce.

The rice bowls are a true classic, with a variety of appetizing sides and a fetching appearance.

The food does take a little while to arrive, but it is well worth the wait for the flavorful and savoury servings. The portions may seem large, but they are ideal for satisfying a hungry stomach. In case there are left overs, you can always ask the accommodating and affable staff to take the left-overs home. There is also an option of delivering the food to your home. The cost of food ranges from 5 to 15 euros, which is flexible and low-priced. 

Cosy decor

As well as its food, MAM’s interior tells a story of culture and tradition. The restaurant has a special and homey atmosphere due to its professional hand-crafted interior made by the owners. The open kitchen provides transparency between the personnel and the customers, and the inviting aromas draw guests in. Deep turquoise-green paint is used on the walls to compliment the black decor found throughout the eatery. As one of the owners mentioned, they themselves handcrafted the tables and benches. MAM expertly blends street flair and comfort, right down to the food and the bamboo lamps.

As well as its food, MAM’s interior tells a story of culture and tradition.

Authentic atmosphere

The history of the restaurant is intriguing and inspiring. The restaurant’s owners wanted to introduce their cuisine to the Netherlands and, more specifically, to a smaller city where people could be introduced to real street food. Everything is a window into tradition, even the reason you pay at the counter. Vietnamese street restaurants require the customers to pay at the register, and that’s something that the owners wanted to recreate, as it creates a mutual understanding between the client and staff. 

MAM is a fantastic dining option. It is a place you want to return to regularly due to its unique combination of the tastiest Vietnamese cuisine and reasonable pricing. This restaurant is strongly suggested for any event or situation, including a date, hangout with friends, or a family dinner. It is reasonable to state that you won’t get bored as you learn the menu piece by piece after having been there a number of times.

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