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Campus temperature does not match plan RU

In April this year, the board of the Radboud University (RU) decided to lower the thermostat to 19 degrees Celsius, as opposed to the earlier standard of 21 degrees. ANS measured the temperature in the buildings on campus. The measurement revealed that the true temperatures do not match the intended temperature.

Before the summer holidays, the RU came up with the plan to lower the thermostat to 19 degrees Celsius. The university decided on this after the government’s call to lower the thermostat to become less dependent on Russian gas. Another reason for the university is to fight climate change. The reduction of the temperature is now fully implemented. The RU decided to keep it this way because gas prices are high and the gas being used emits more CO2 than gas that comes from Groningen. ‘We got lots of positive reactions from staff members and students who are understanding’, says Martijn Gerritsen, spokesman of the RU.

A temperature measurement in buildings on the campus of the RU showed that the temperatures are higher than the 19 degrees that was intended. The temperatures in the buildings are not supposed to be this high, according to Anja van Kessel, substitutional spokesman of the RU. ‘The idea is that we do not heat the buildings above 19 degrees Celsius. I do not understand why the temperatures do not match.’ Gerritsen states that it could be possible that sunlight and internal heat sources influence the temperature, but he does not know if they are the true cause of the high temperatures. Besides, some offices have their own thermostat that is not always set to 19 degrees.

Temperature measurement

GebouwTemperatuur (°C)
Maria Montesorri21,6
Elinor Ostrom22,6
Spinoza 20,3
Thomas van Aquino20,9
Radboud UMC20,6

No difference

Most of the students do not notice any difference in temperature compared to last year. ‘I do not feel any difference in warmth’, says Katja, master student Strategic Management. According to Timo, a third year student Geography, Planology and Environment, there is nothing noticeable about the temperature. ‘It does not feel colder in the buildings, but the RU is a good thing by lowering the temperature.’ The Huygens building remains warm, states Rebecca, second year student Molecular Life Sciences: ‘It always feels cozy here.’ Liselotte, second year Law student, does not notice a change in temperature, but does declare she thinks it is cold in many buildings on the campus. ‘I always wear warm clothes if I am going to campus’, she says.

This article was published in Dutch on November 10th 2022.

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