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International Documentary Film Festival coming to LUX

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During the weekend of Saturday 24 and Sunday 25 November, LUX Nijmegen will be showing a selection of eight films as part of this year’s International Documentary Film Festival Amsterdam (IDFA). The IDFA, which is the largest documentary film festival in the world, will be taking place from Wednesday 14 until Sunday 25 November. LUX has made a selection of eight films in collaboration with the organization of IDFA. 

Original article: Jonathan Janssen
Translation: Lara Severens

‘We have been working together with IDFA in Amsterdam for over ten years’, explains Lorijn Zwakman of LUX’s Marketing and Communication department. ‘Documentaries shown by IDFA often focus on different cultures, so they offer a perspective that Dutch moviegoers are not too familiar with yet.’ Generally, the weekend draws crowds looking for depth. ‘The content of the documentaries varies from spectrum to spectrum, so the IDFA films are actually interesting for a broad audience.’

When selecting films, LUX also tries to attract specific new audiences. ‘A film that might be interesting for young adults and students is Minding the Gap, about a group of young skater friends in the American Rust Belt. A young filmmaker returns to his hometown and his friends to tell the story of an American generation without prospects’, says Zwakman. Minding the Gap, by 24-year-old filmmaker Bing Liu, is about a group of friends from Rockford, Illinois, who go skateboarding to escape their families. The documentary won the jury award at the renowned Sundance Film Festival earlier this year.


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