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International students want discount on public transport

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International students do not have the right to a student travel card like Dutch students, who receive it as a gift, do. According to many international students this is not fair. That is why they have started a petition last week, with the aim of providing a travel discount for international students.

Original text: Irene Wilde
Translation: Lara Severens

The idea behind the petition is that international students tend to live on a limited budget, but still want to be able to do fun things. When they have to pay the full price for traveling through the Netherlands by public transport, costs will accumulate quickly. According to the international student who started the petition, a travel discount could give international students new energy and stimulate them to perform better. It could also attract more international students.

Elco van Noort, team leader and senior internationalization policy officer at the International Office (IO) does not see this happening any time soon. ‘It is difficult to implement actual changes, since agreements on taxes and related discounts on for example public transport were made on a European level. We cannot create an exceptional case in the Netherlands. Decisions on a potential discount for international students would thus have to be made integrally.’ The petition has around 2400 signatures by now.

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