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Now that The Radboud Song Contest has ended, the time has come for a new university-praising event: Radboud Talks. The finalists of the contest were announced last Tuesday.

Original text: Julia Mars
Translation: Marissa Aarts

Radboud Talks, as the name suggests, is a pitch contest in which young scientists get three minutes to present their research in front of an audience and a jury. The contestants must come up with creative ways to shape their presentation since they are not allowed to use boring PowerPoint presentations or graphs and schemes. Even though the goal of Radboud Talks is to give a stage to scientists from diverse fields, the finale has a clear theme: medicine and molecular research. During the final round, medical researcher Ayla Turan, brain researcher Linda Geerlings, jaw surgeon in training Julie Deferm, molecular biologist Marilen Benner, philosopher and pedagogue Pieter Boshuizen, medical researcher Jade Logger, biomedical technologist Gijs Hendriks, and molecular biologist Annemarie Post will present their research. The winner of the pitch contest will return home with a personal budget of a 1,000 euros, which can be used to finance their research.

The finale of Radboud Talks will be held in LUX on Monday April 16 at 20:00 o’clock. Tickets will be 5 euros per person.

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