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Lev Avitan new campus poet

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Last Tuesday, at the campus poet election in theater hall C, Lev Avitan was elected as the new campus poet of Radboud University (RU) for the upcoming academic year. He will follow in the footsteps of Sander Bisselink, the current campus poet.

Original text and translation: Vincent Veerbeek

Avitan, student of Philosophy at the RU, started his artistic career with English-language spoken word poetry, but made the switch to Dutch about a year ago. In addition to this, he also writes, and hopes to combine these two styles as campus poet. Previously, he performed at the Buiten Zinnen literary festival and with Mensen Zeggen Dingen, among others. In the election for campus poet, he only had two competitors, fellow Philosophy student Pieter Theunissen and student of Political Sciences Thom Oudshoorn.

As campus poet, Avitan will get the chance to recite his poems at various events, like poetry festival Onbederf’lijk Vers and literary festival de Wintertuin. His work will also be published in university magazine Vox after the summer.

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