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New Radboud Store packed with merchandise

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Every student who wants to proudly sport the text “Radboud University” on their chest or who wants to carry Nijmegen’s skyline around on their bag will absolutely love the new Radboud Store.

Original text: Simone Bregonje
Translation: Aafke van Pelt

The opening was announced on Instagram with an unboxing of various products. The Radboud Store sells rompers, keychains and teddy bears apart from sweaters and bags, all showcasing the university’s logo. Everyone who wants to give these products as a present can even wrap it in original Radboud wrapping paper. The eco-conscious student is not forgotten either. The Radboud Store’s exporter specialises in sustainable merchandise.

Marly Verhaeg, marketing- and communication advisor at the Radboud University, thinks that the Radboud Store will reach a broad target audience amongst students and employees. ‘When we were only decorating the story before opening, people already started asking questions’, Verhaeg says, ‘and we already sold our first Dopper then.’ The store’s product range will even be expanded according to Verhaeg; new hoodies are going to be sold half October. ‘If you’re missing a particular product now, chances are the store is actually going to sell it soon.’

The products are for sale at Books by Roelants in the Thomas van Aquinostraat. There is even a web shop for those who aren’t scared by the prospect of paying seven euros for shipping.

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