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Karaoke at the Cultuurcafé, a haunted house in TvA, and parkour through the Refter. These are just some of the activities that will be organized during Radboud by Night on March 22, the event formerly known as the Campusnacht.

Original text: Julia Mars
Translation: Vincent Veerbeek

The event has been given a facelift this year. To make it more appealing to international students, the name of the event has been changed into English. On top of that, the event will no longer last the whole night, but will end at 23:00 o’clock, followed by an after party. This party will take place at the Cultuurcafé and at the bicycle storage below the Lecture Hall Complex (CC), which will be transformed into a rave basement. During this techno party, professors will get a chance to show off their DJ talents. Academics like Margot van Mulken, dean of the Faculty of Arts, and Daniël Wigboldus, president of the Executive Board, will play their favorite party tracks.

The activities will take place in the Erasmus building, the Refter, TvA 1, the Cultuurcafé and the basement of the Lecture Hall Complex (CC). Thirty different student organizations, including sports and study associations, will organize the various festivities, and participation is free.

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