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Research transgressive behavior teacher RU extended

Before the summer, an investigation into transgressive behavior by a staff member at Radboud University (RU) was initiated. The investigation concerns a teacher from Artificial Intellicenge (AI), about whom multiple reports were issued. The investigation has been extended because new information has come to light.

The first investigation into transgressive behavior of the AI-teacher ended at the end of September. The results were communicated with people who were directly involved, which included staff members and students in the study council. ‘Then, new information showed up, which made clear follow-up research was necessary’, says Evelynn Kroesbergen, who has been dean of the faculty Social Sciences since the first of October. During the follow-up research, the teacher will not be at the faculty building.  

Independent research

The investigation will be handled by an organisation outside of the RU. ‘We think it is important that the investigation is executed with care, including a fair hearing to create an objective picture of the situation’, says Kroesbergen. ‘Transgressive behavior is a difficult issue, because it concerns itself with how someone experiences something’, the dean says. ‘However, in the event a person indicates they feel less safe, that has priority. We do not tolerate violations’, Kroesbergen states. ‘However, since a fast and wrong interpretation can be damaging, it is important that all parties are handled with care.’

During the last days of September, the faculty board thought the investigation was finished, and started communicating the information with people involved. Then, new information came to light. This information led to a new, independent investigation. ‘If the new information is in line with the earlier investigation, you do not have to start a new investigation. However, this information has forced us to start a follow-up investigation’, Kroesbergen says. ‘The question is whether the results of the first investigation are correct or not.’

According to the dean, the person whom the investigation concerned itself with has not been in the faculty building and has not taught any lessons in that time period. When asked whether the teacher works during the follow-up investigation, the dean answers: ‘Let me say this, the staff member does not come here and does not teach any online lessons.’ 


Kroesbergen does not hope nor expect the follow-up investigation to take months. ‘After the first investigation, a meeting was called, during which everyone at AI was informed and could ask questions. Considering many people already know of the investigation, waiting on results is difficult’, the dean states. ‘In any case, students and staff members at the study will be provided with explanations, but we do not yet know in which way. Additionally, we will publish a statement’, Kroesbergen says. ‘However, we will only start communicating when we know what we will do with the results.’

This article was published in Dutch on October 31st 2022.

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