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Second regatta on the Spiegelwaal

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On March 31, Phocas will organize another rowing competition on the Spiegelwaal, which seems to make the Traianus Regatta, organized for the first time last fall, a lasting phenomenon.

Original text: Vincent Veerbeek
Translation: Ilse Peeters

After ten years without sizable rowing competitions, Nijmegen has now become, thanks to the Spiegelwaal, an important location for national rowing events again. The first edition of the regatta, held in October, went smoothly and the participants came from all over The Netherlands. Given the success of that competition, Phocas has decided to organize a second edition this spring, as was announced by the rowing club in a press release on Monday.

The second Traianus Regatta is supposed to be even bigger than the last edition, with twice as many participants and more entertainment along the side. Local authorities and people living in the vicinity of the Spiegelwaal are closely involved in the process as well, in order to prevent any kind of disturbance. Local residents are kept up-to-date via flyers and good contact is maintained between the various parties, the same way as last time. Phocas mainly aims to organize a successful event for rowers and spectators, a tradition that the association hopes to carry on.

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