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Student parties asap and AKKUraatd announce programs

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Leading up to this week’s student elections, both asap and AKKUraatd have published their programs.

Student party asap was the first to announce their program, which as always consists of ten points, last Tuesday. Although the party has made some semantic changes to their wish list compared to last year, many demands are similar in spirit. Familiar topics return, such as good education facilities, freedom of choice in education, and student wellbeing. What is noteworthy is that two of the ten points concern internationalization, namely the integration of international students and the quality of education taught in English. Earlier, asap announced that they will have an international student as a candidate for the first time. Sustainability, which was a part of the party’s manifesto for the first time last year, made the list again.

AKKUraatd was the second to announce their program a day later, taking a somewhat more extensive approach than their competitor. Instead of ten points, their manifesto consists of no less than 28, spread out across four overarching themes. Like last year, those pillars are good education, a student life for everyone, a sustainable university, and strong student representation. Nevertheless, there are also a number of new demands. One of AKKUraatd’s main goals this election is to make the Radboud Honours Academy accessible to all students. Additionally, AKKUraatd wants the university to loan laptops and hopes to introduce student panels in an effort to involve students in what is going on at the university. Apart from these new plans, there are also some familiar faces, like the call for a student member in the Executive Board and slogans like ‘not a binding but an urging study advice’. One thing is certain: students who consider voting for AKKUraatd, will have plenty to read.

Unlike previous years, AKKUraatd and asap will be the only student parties competing this year. The elections will be held from Monday until this Thursday, May 31.

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