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Students and staff get to decide Refter’s new look

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As has been known for some time, The Refter is going to be completely transformed over the course of the upcoming year. To get ideas for the design of the new Refter, the Facilities & Services Department (F&S) is reaching out to Radboud students and staff for help.

Original text: Jean Querelle
Translation: Ramadan Hasani

We already knew that The Refter was going to be remodeled into an actual food court the upcoming year. This way students can easily put together their own meals. Along with those changes, there will be two commercial venues. To give shape to the renovation, F&S wants to take into consideration the opinions of students and staff. ‘With a questionnaire we want to gain information from the users of the facilities’, says David Niessen, head of the department Retail and Catering of F&S. The questionnaire that F&S has provided for students and staff does not only concern the shape of the chairs and where they will be placed, the design of the menu is also determined by the visitors. ‘With the help of mood boards, visitors can get an impression of the atmosphere in the new Refter. We do not know exactly how it will end up looking, but that is why people can choose between the different atmospheres on the mood boards.’

Nevertheless, the actual construction is still not due for some time. ‘We have not set an exact date yet but we aim to realize as much as possible in September 2018’, Niessen explains. Most of the work will be done during the summer vacation. ‘There is also a small reward for the most enthusiastic respondents of the questionnaire.’ Participants will get a coffee coupon they can exchange at one of the catering establishments on campus.

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