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TvA closed as of next week

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Starting next week, strolls between the grey concrete of the Thomas van Aquinostraat (TvA) are in the past. On Monday February 5, the street will be closed to pave the way for the demolition, as the Nijmegen School of Management announced on Twitter last Tuesday.

Original text: Vincent Veerbeek
Translation: Evelien Müller

As of Monday, the passage between the university buildings will be blocked. The doors of TvA 3, 4 and 5 were closed earlier this month, although they were briefly re-opened for the TvA Tribute on Wednesday January 17. After Monday, TvA 2 will be closed as well, which means that this Friday will be the last day that the study rooms can be used. From next week on, students can go to TvA 1 to study, which will remain open for the time being. TvA 6 will not be closed for some time, either, since that building will be demolished this summer.

The Nijmegen School of Management has by now moved to the new Elinor Ostrom building, which was previously the Gymnasion. In the upcoming years, a new building will take the place of the TvA colossi to facilitate the Faculty of Social Sciences.

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